[ art : weapon ]

"A painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war" ó Pablo Picasso

From Picassoís Guernica to the poems of Wilfred Owen, Homerís epics to the photography of Robert Capa, artists have always exposed, and responded to armed conflict.

Taking an innovative and varied approach to the commemoration of conflicts with a broadprogramme of commissions, the MolinoGroupís Residency asks questions about how we come to terms with conflicts as humans and artists now, and how we respond: is art ever more than a panacea? Can it be a weapon? These questions ring out in November of the WW1 centenary year.

Accompanying the main show, [ Roland : a collage ], other performances and events will include: reviving Desert, our play about Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks whistleblower; a new one man play exploring one manís experience in contemporary conflict, Much Further Out Than You Thought; a special one-off performance of Nassim Souleimanpour's White Rabbit, Red Rabbit; and scratch performances from emerging South West companies New Model Theatre and Squiffy Cabaret. For the season artist Anne-Marie Jones will also curate visual art exhibition of her work in the Bike Shed Theatre Bar.

The [ art : weapon ] season was supported by Arts Council England and Exeter City Council.