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[ Roland : a collage ]

“It is not going to be easy in so short a time to tell you the fundamental reasons why I am a painter” — Roland Penrose

Roland returns home, braced for change.

Friend and biographer to Picasso, husband to Lee Miller; collector and surrealist artist; teacher of camouflage to the Home Guard - Roland Penrose was a man at the heart of his time: its art, its personalities, its conflicts.

From the battlefields of Spain to the Minotaurs of desire, the tranquility of the Côte d'Azur to a bohemian London on the eve of another World War, [Roland : A Collage] is a theatrical collage of the many lives and loves of a group of artists at a tipping point in European history. Interweaving music, movement and text, the MolinoGroup will create a fresh collage every night.

Following their UK tour of Desert, the MolinoGroup return to the Bike Shed after first developing [Roland : a collage] there in 2013. Charting an era defined as much by destruction as inspiration, the company's latest piece explores the place of art in a world beset by crisis.

Excerpts from Roland Penrose's essay, Why I am a Painter (1938) are reproduced by kind permission of the Roland Penrose Estate.
© Roland Penrose Estate, England 2014. The Penrose Collection. All rights reserved.

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